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CCTV pipe & drain inspections

Why inspect sewer lines?
Council Pre & Post inspection sewer main reports
Pre purchase inspections

cctvDid you know that a sewer main can be inspected with closed circuit television?  This takes the guesswork out of what can possibly be wrong with your drains.

Inspections like this can identify any breaks or obstructions in the drain, and give an accurate location and depth of where the problems are.

Don’t have any records of where your drains run?
Council don’t have any records either?
Don’t despair - macwater can plot your drains out and locate them for you, and give you a report on the condition of the drains.

Why inspect sewer lines?

Why does a plumber want to inspect the drains with a camera after he has cleaned the blocked drains?

Good Question you have asked - and here are some even better answers:

  • To make sure that the drain is fully cleared and there are no potential blockages downstream that are not yet a problem;
  • To guarantee that you will not have the same problem in the future by identifying the problem and being able to offer you the best possible solution to overcome the blockage reoccuring – this could be one of the following:
  • Pipe replacement
  • Vaporooter chemical tree root control
  • Relining of pipe work
  • Proactive maintenance program to cut roots
  • Is the problem yours all does it come under the Allconnex Water Blocked Sewer policy where the council will take responsibility and meet the cost of the plumber’s bill to clear and identify the blockage
  • Accurately locate the blockage so your property doesn’t have to be destroyed while rectifcation work is being performed
  • A full report including a DVD copy of the condition of your drain or what is actually wrong with your sewer can be supplied if required

Council Pre & Post inspection sewer main reports
Council often requires DVD recorded reporting of sewer mains pre and post construction if any building activity being performed within 2 metre of a sewer main. macwater can supply this report to you to meet Council requirements.

Pre purchase inspections

Pre purchase inspections – are you buying someone else’s headache?  Sad but true - there is an element of people who deliberately not fix a known plumbing problem because “we are going to sell shortly”.
And they do that indeed – leave serious undetected problems for the next unsuspecting buyer.

macwater may not be the bearer of good news, but we won’t take advantage of you either – just give you the facts and give you some honest and cost-effective solutions to rectify the problem long or short term – we can’t be any fairer than that.

CCTV Discs


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