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Insurance investigation / report writing

Macwater is used by several insurance companies and building sevice companies to investigate water ingress into buildings.

These water leaks are not all plumbing related and can be caused by building faults such as leaking membranes, window openings, roof water ingress etc.

With the aid of thermal image camera and moisture meters, Macwater can investigate and supply full reports of their findings.

Testing of water ingress in and around the window of a building

Water ingress into a roof space after testing of the outside of the building


Normal picture of brick wall -  no evident signs of moisture


Thermal image of same brick wall – dark areas are wet areas of brickwork








Overlap of normal image and thermal image – there was a broken sewer stack pipe which was leaking unnoticed in duct work on the inside of building

brick wall

If you are a insurance assessor or building consultant and would like a sample report please contact our office

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"... macwater always attend to urgent jobs quickly, which is so important in our industry, and we appreciate that they call us from site with a detailed explanation of the problem and a cost for the solution."

-Procorp Services

"... I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to anyone for your plubing services..

-Westcorp Finance

"... Since using Bio Clean we have had great success and are problem free..

- Mermaid Plaza Butchery

"... I am confident in saying their services have always been prompt, efficient aand reasonably priced..

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