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Q. Do you have a water leak - who do I call?

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External water leaks
Internal water leaks

Thermal image inspections
Excess water accounts

Moisture readings




External water leaks Leak Detection

External water leaks can be in all diferent kinds of pipe materials:

  • Poly pipe and fittings
  • Copper tube
  • Galvanised pipe
  • Blue brute water mains
  • Class 12 PVC
  • Fibro water mains

The most frequent cause of water leaks found in the SE corner of Qld is due to leaking poly water mains.  The reasons for these leaks are quite common and usually caused by many different reasons including:

  • High water pressure
  • Surrounding backfill materials – rocks or building rubble
  • Age of pipe – poly pipes appear to have a 30-40 year life span
  • Type or brand of fitting used – some fittings are more inclined to failure than others
  • Proximity of pipe to other services
  • Tree roots
  • Poor installation

Signs of water leaks may be one or more of the following:

  • constant water flow out of stormwater pipes into kerb at side of street
  • wet area occurring in adjoining land or complex/structure on lower side of your property
  • moist area or greener area in lawns or gardens
  • unusual sound in pipe work in the still of the night
  • excess water notice from council
  • unexplained increase in water consumption

Don’t panic – ring macto solve your problem.
We have a lot of experience in locating water leaks and repairing broken pipes with the minimum of damage to your property – wether it be domestic or commerical.

We complete the ENTIRE job –

  • locate the leak
  • cut concrete
  • repair broken pipes and fittings
  • reinstate the work area
  • and leave it clean


Internal water leaks

Internal water leaks can be caused by any of the following:

  • Pinhole in copper pipe, hot or cold, in concrete slab in a high rise or beneath the slab in a house
  • Leak in shower tray or tiles on wet area wall
  • External pipe work that was never re-located when building was extended or renovated
  • Leaking plumbing fixtures or tapware
  • Leaking appliances such as dishwasher or washing machine
  • Blocked drainage pipes
  • Accidental flooding by a tenant or resident who is too embarassed or forgetful  to admit it (very common occurrence)

All internal water leaks require some investigation.  Some are straight forward – others are not.  Some can be claimed under insurance if water damage has occurred to property and this is covered in building and contents cover.   Others are Body Corporate issues on common property.

macwater has the experience and expertise - our staff are trained to look at a problem and use a lateral-thinking approach to achieve a solution to your internal water leak.

Strata title units - macwater can replace sections of internal pipe work if there is a pinhole leak in your complex’s water service.  This applies where it is not viable to repair the leak or there is a chance of the leak developing in the same section of pipe work in the future.

macwater has all the equipment to do the job including:

  • Leak detection units
  • Fibre optic cameras
  • CCTV drain cameras
  • Dustless diamond saw for cutting concrete internally
  • Wet vacs
  • Drop sheets/plastic carpet runners

Nothing is impossible – every problem has an solution, some are just more expensive than others.

 thermal Image inspections

  • not all water leaks can be found with acoustic leak detection equipment that is why thermal image cameras are also used.
  • Thermal image inspections are great for report writing for body corporates and insurance companies
  • Thermal image inspections also helps eliminate damage to the buildings in the course of locating a water leak.
  • It also shows clearly were the water is coming from and where the damage has occurred


Thermal image of water leak in the ceiling of a unit in ai 3 storey walk up



Excess water accounts

Many consumers will receive an excess water usage notice from a water authority.
These are a standard letter sent out to the user to advise them that they are using above the average water consumption.
Don’t be alarmed – you are not being victimised.  There are many reasons why your water usage may be high.

These could include:

  • Previous water leak in your water service in the past 6 months
  • Increased water consumption due to more people staying at your residence
  • Increase in water use due to increase in trade, ie restaurant or manufacturing
  • You may have leaking plumbing fixtures –one leaking toilet cistern with a minor dribble in the back of the bowl may only be using 4 litres per hour, but this is 96 litres per day or 34,560 litres per year!
  • There may be a leak in your underground water mains

The first thing to do is to check if and when no water is being used – check your water meter – if there is movement in your meter then you do have a leak in your property.  Check for obvious leaks and if none are found, call macwater to assist you to identify the cause of the excess water usage.

To find out more about how to read your meter, go to “How to read you meter”  section on this website.

macwater can assist you in many ways:

  • Liaise with council to find out your existing water usage history
  • Advise council that your leak is being attended to
  • Provide report or documentation/invioce for council water excess rebate purposes
  • Locate and repair your water leak
  • Repair or replace water inefficient plumbing fixtures and tapware


Moisture readings

Some water leaks are too small to be identified by acoustic leak detection equipment.  Moisture readings are a way to narrow down the area of the water leak to help minimize the amount of damage to areas and hard surfaces to locate a leak.

Moisuture readings are also useful to determine if there is a leak due to a pipe or fixture, or whether it may be due to other causes such as high moisture levels not associated with your plumbing, ie failure of membr ne beneath the slab or flooring allowing ground moisture to cause water damage.

Moisture readings can determine if water damage is due to a previous leak or if there is still a water problem at your property.  Some areas will remain stained-looking even after a leak has been repaired.  For example, you may have purchased a property and its history is unknown - there may have been a leak repaired in the past, from which there is still water damage to plaster work.  If a previous leak has been repaired, is this area dry or is it still an issue?  Call macwater for assistance.


Fibre optic camera or Endoscopy

When the source of a water leak or other related problem cannot be seen visually, macwater uses endoscopy techniques for efficient detection. Cavity walls, sub-floors and beneath shower trays and bath wastes are just a few examples of areas where the endoscopy becomes an extension of the naked eye.

This mininizes the amount of damage or disturbance to your property when investigating a water leak.


Location of metallic and non metallic services

macwater can locate metallic and non metallic waters services with the use of pipe locating equipment.

Metallic services as well as telstra and eletrical cables can be located by inducing a radio signal along the lenth of the pipe or cable and tracing it with a reciever – this enables identification of the location and depth of the service in most instances.

Non metallic pipes are located using the aid of acoustic equipment with an induced water hammer into the water service to be able to localise the area of the service.  This can be used to locate fire and water mains as well as domestic poly water services.

The othe method is to trace the line with a tracing cable introduced into the water service which then has a radio signal introduced and traced by a reciever – this involves cutting into mains and disruption to water supply.


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