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Stormwater Drain Cleaning

            Macwater clears and cleans blocked stormwater                          pipes with high pressure water jetters and

           conducts CCTV inspections to guaranteed the jobs                 is done right the first time    

                Q. Do you have a blocked drain - who do I call?

                  Ans: macwater call 1300 480 443

                  Q. Do want a company that can find and

         repair your blocked drains with minimum

         fuss and bother.


          Ans: macwater call 1300 480 443


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Stormwater pipes and pits require maintenance to them so that when it rains the water can get away from your property and not cause flooding or damage.

Roots in stormwater pipes are constantly growing – unlike a sewer drain that is used every day and you realize that there is a problem (ie blocked toilet) and do something about clearing the drain.

Stormwater pipes overflow when it is raining and causing flooding – the roots that grow in the pipe are continually growing and fully block the pipe – a hair-fine root grows into a leader root and the pipes can be completely filled with root matter.

Sometimes the root tails can be up to 6 metres long and the full diameter of the pipe – other issues that are quite common with stormwater pipes are the pipes are squashed when backfilled during installation – these distorted-shaped pipes cause blockages and retstrict water flow.

Macwater clears and cleans blocked stormwater pipes with high pressure water jetters and CCTV camera inspection of lines.  Damaged sections are neatly excavated with hydro- excavation units so as not to destroy your gardens or damage other services (telstra, power, water mains and sewer mains etc).
Sometimes it is necessary to replace a section s of stormwater pipes and install pits to make the drainage system work properly – this is a common occurrence due to lack of proper planning when the property was constructed.

Concrete slurry is another common problem where the slurry from exposed aggregate driveways and pathways finds its way into stormwater pipes – the water drains away and the slurry goes hard – it is difficult to remove but not impossible - with a combination of high water pressure and hydro-excavation, Macwater can guarantee a good result

stormwater drain cleaning

Stormwater drain

laid with telstra and water mains in heavily root-bound soil

stormwater drain cleaning

Excavation in difficult locations – power, water and testra were all in the way as well as huge tree roots to contend with. By using hydro excavation equipment no services where damaged and the broken pipes where exposed and then where able to be replaced.

stormwater drain cleaning

Cracked stormwater fittings that require replacing.

Macwater prefers to use WARTHOG jetter nozzles as they clean the entire bore of the pipe and not just punch a hole through the roots as does inferior equipment.


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