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Vaporooter chemical sewer root control


Stop Roots
Put a stop to it with
Foaming sewer root inhibitor


What is chemical tree root control?

Vaporooter is a herbicide-fumigant developed specifically to control TREE root regrowth in sewer lines. 

VaporooterVaporooter is an non-systemic herbicde that will kill tree roots that it contacts.  It is pumped as foam into the sewer pipes to stop the root growth.

It wont kill all harm the plant, just the roots inside your sewer line.

Even though Vaporooter is a chemical, it is not harmful to the environment and is commonly used in food crop production to control and stop weed growth.

Vaporooter can only be applied through special foaming units and by a trained applicator.
As used by Councils, Sewer Authorities and Plumbers around Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada


Why use Vaporooter?

Vaporooter prevents Sewer Blockages.

A Vaporooter foaming application to your sewer pipe will eliminate blockages by destroying those invasive tree roots, yet it's harmless to the trees and plants above.

Sewer blockages always occur at the worst possible time – on the weekend – vistors arriving – public holidays – so avoid costly call-out fees by being proactive in preventing the tree roots from re-growing. 
Vaporooter is an annual application to prevent tree roots from growing back and destroying your sewer pipes.

If tree roots are constantly cut each time there is a blockage, they will grow back thicker and stronger – therefore putting even greater pressure on cracks in your sewer line. 

While the lines are being treated you can be using your sewer lines so there is no interruption to you.


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