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Water Service Renewals

With rising water prices and the emphasis on saving water, now is a good time to consider whether it is time to replace your worn out water service.



The south east corner has for over 30 years used poly water services which are prone to water leaks. If you are constantly repairing your water main you should consider the following in making a decision on wether to renew your water mains:

  • The cost of non residential water is $ 2.69/kl plus waste water charges apply @ $ 4.04/KL
  • The money that you have spent on existing leak detection and repairs
  • The stress , bother and cost of finding another water leak


macwater can offer you options to replace all of your water service or part of the line.

We can install copper pipe work or replace with poly pipe but have it backfilled in sand to minimise future damage.

Ask macwater about their hydro excavation service that will do the least amount of damage to your established gardens and landscaping - it will be hard to tell that there has been an excavation done!



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"... macwater always attend to urgent jobs quickly, which is so important in our industry, and we appreciate that they call us from site with a detailed explanation of the problem and a cost for the solution."

-Procorp Services

"... I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to anyone for your plubing services..

-Westcorp Finance

"... Since using Bio Clean we have had great success and are problem free..

- Mermaid Plaza Butchery

"... I am confident in saying their services have always been prompt, efficient aand reasonably priced..

-Body Corporate Choice

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